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Learn-Toegether-Logo” The good of this world and world to come is with knowledge.” Prophet Muhammad S.A.W

Welcome to Jaafari Madressah Singapore!

Although beginning with that all famous word IQRA (read), Islam soon went beyond simply acquiring knowledge. As a way of life it promotes three core methods for living: learn, apply and teach others. This, too, is the basis of Jaafari Madressah: a holistic approach to learning where equal emphasis will be placed on acquiring knowledge; the practical application of this knowledge and the sharing of this knowledge with those around us, so that we may foster a greater and deeper sense of community Insha’Allah. Iltemase Du’a,  Jaafari Madressah Team


Madressah is based at AECC and runs every Sunday 10:30am -1:45pm.

Subjects taught are Fiqh/Aqaid, Tareekh, Qur’an and Unit of Inquiry. The Unit of Inquiry lessons allow students to explore certain subject matters in greater depth, for example in 2016 students studied the concept of Rizq and Risalatul Huquuq.

Registration for 2017 is now OPEN for those aged 4 and over. Complete and return the registration form to


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Madressah 2017 will start on the 8th January Insha’Allah.