In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Salaamun A’laykum Wr. Wb.

Dearest brothers & sisters in faith, may this email reach you in fine health. Please see programs for the week:

23rd Mar, Thursday
– Dua Kumayl
– 8.45pm
– Husainiyah Az-Zahra
24th Mar, Friday
– Friday Prayers
– Azan & Khutbah 1.13pm
– Prayers 1.50pm
– Husainiyah Az-Zahra
25th Mar, Saturday
– Book review discussion on Mekyalul Makarem. (Duties of the people towards Imam Zaman ajfs) by Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Taqi Musawi Isfahani

– 6pm
– Husainiyah Az-Zahra

50 pages
– Chapter 1: To obtain special characteristics of Imam(ajfs) and to have information about the certain signs of his reappearance
– Chapter 2: To be respectful when mentioning Imam(ajfs)
– Chapter 3: Loving Imam(ajfs)
– Chapter 4: Making Imam(ajfs) popular among the people

Online text reference –
26th Mar, Sunday
– Majlis Muslimah Wiladah Sayyidah Fatima Az-Zahra(sa)
(Birth Celebration of Sayyidah Fatima Az-Zahra(sa) for ladies)
– 3pm
– Husainiyah Az-Zahra
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eahlulbayt launch.2 png

A tech savvy momin member of JMAS, with the help of his team comprising momineen from shia community in Singapore and India, is all set to launch a hi-tech product designed to drive away the devil from our homes. To use his words, ” it is perhaps the world’s first smart azan clock (and much more), crafted with care for all the lovers of Ahlulbayt (a.s) worldwide. A beautifully designed device called eAhlulbayt, it has many smart features to help you make worship your top priority and to bring you and your family closer to Almighty on a daily basis, inshAllah!” For more details visit: