In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful 

Salaamun ‘alaykum Wr. Wb. 

Dearest brothers & sisters in faith, may this email reach you in fine health.
Please see the programs for the week as below.
27th July 2017Thursday @Bro Raza Taqi’s Residence

Surah Yasin & Dua Kumayl Recitation


61 Grange Road, Beverly Hills #04-03, S(249570)

Kindly attend with family

28th July 2017Friday @AECC

*There’s no Friday Prayers this week.

Congregational Zuhur & Asar Prayers


3rd August 2017, Thursday @AECC

Wiladah Imam Ali Ar-Redha (as)

Eve of 11th Dzul’qaédah


Kindly attend with family


Qurban – Sheep $200
Aqiqah – Sheep $240
Kafarah/Nazar – Sheep $200

Closing date for requests: 30th August 2017

Contact personnel: Bro Imran Ridae (9690 2199) and Sis Saleha (9431 7414)
** SMS Update Service:
  • Weekly Alert at $10.00 per year
  • You will receive sms covering events within the next 7 days
  • For those who wish to sign up to this service, please email to

With du’as and wassalam,
AECC Operations Committee

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