Program for the week

In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful

Salaamun A’laykum Wr. Wb. 

** NOTE: There will be No Friday Prayers till further notice.  AECC will be open for Zuhur and Asar prayers.

15th February 2018, Thursday, Eve of CNY @ AECC

1) Ijtimak Muslimat (In Malay) – Majlis Shahadah Sayyidah Fatimah Zahra (sa)

  • 4.45ptg

2) Dua Kumayl Recitation followed by Majlis Ayyamul Fathimiyyah (Refer to this week time changes)

  • Congregational Maghrib & Isyak Prayers – 7.34pm
  • 8.00pm sharp
  • Kindly attend with family

19th February 2018, Monday @ AECC

Majlis Shahadah Sayyidah Fatimah Zahra (sa) – (3rd Jamadil Tsani)

  • 8.30pm
  • Kindly attend with family

With du’as and wassalam,

AECC Operations Committee


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