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In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful
Salaamun A’laykum Wr. Wb.

Dearest brothers & sisters in faith,

Please see below programs for the week on Zoom.
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2nd July 2020, Thursday @08:30PM
Wiladah Imam Ali ibne Musa Ridha (as) Celebration – Eve of 11th Dzulqa’da

3rd July 2020, Friday
1) Dua Nudba Recitation – 6.15am

2) Wiladah Imam Ali ibne Musa Ridha (as) – 8.30pm

An Extended Celebration for Children and Families

4th July 2020, Saturday @08:30PM
Disconnected, These connected: Session 3
My Marja is better than yours!
A study of Ijtihad
In session 3 of the Disconnected, These connected this week, we explore the concept of Ijtihad, its relevance, application and suitability in today’s context. Is it the perfect system to prepare us for the Imam of the time? This week we speak to 4 different youths as they share their thoughts on the process of Ijtihad, the marja of their choice, its relevance and its future.

5th July 2020, Sunday @05:00PM
Young Huffaz Competition

7th July 2020, Tuesday @08:30PM
Dua Tawassul Recitation

9th July 2020, Thursday @08:30PM
Dua Kumayl & Surah Yaasin Recitation

Qurban – Sheep $200
Aqiqah – Sheep $240
Kafarah/Nazar – Sheep $200

Closing date for requests: 23rd July 2020
Contact personnel:
Bro Imran Ridae (9690 2199) or refer to poster



President praises the decision taken by MUIS

We are hearing displeasure from many caused by the MUIS decision to lockdown all mosques for the next five days.

Please consider the reasons of the closure. I believe it is the right decision and in fact I had expected the decision earlier.

If I were in the position to decide, I would have done it even earlier. Why?

1. Islam teaches Muslims the value of life. There is nothing better that Allah had created than man. Allah praised Himself after creating man. Therefore it is important to safeguard the best creation of God.

2. Islam teaches man to protect himself from dangers and threats especially to life and not to throw himself towards destruction, and eventually to protect oneself from the greatest destruction of Hellfire. Therefore it is important to protect ourselves from the danger of covid-19 which have caused thousands of death to people all over the World.

3. We human being have been blessed with mind to decide better things and better decisions in our lives. Islam gives importance to the mind. The Messenger of Islam, Muhammad (saw) had said ” one who has no mind (rationality) has no religion. There are many reasons to be cited for us to decide on the closure of mosques in Singapore. But the mind tells us that safeguarding lives are more important now than having congregations that may cause sickness and death. The future and presence of Muslims in Singapore depends much on the decision that has to be taken today. We have seen spread of the virus and high number of deaths in many places because of the late reaction, light headedness and indifference and we also do not want the same to happen in our Singapore and among Muslims and to be seen as irresponsible citizens of the nation.

4. Islam teaches the law of existence which is the nature. Our body is ruled by the law of nature. Some Muslims have misunderstandings about how the Earth is ruled. Allah’s law on Earth is “cause and effect.” That law applies to man, no matter what colour, race or religion he is. That is the law.

Some said having faith in God will protect us and cited miracle among others. Unfortunately miracle is miracle. Miracle is above the law of nature and it is not the law, ruling the creations on Earth. Miracle may happen on some individuals but it is not the general law that happen to all. The World have seen Muslims died from the virus, so claiming that faith will protect us will not work.

5. The Covid-19 and in general; sickness know no colour, race, religion or doctrine. To ensure Muslims remain safe and to protect from the possible virus infection caused by some who had attended the Tabligh Gathering in KL who might have been infected, the decision to close mosques temporarily and to do proper and thorough cleaning is the only right thing to do.

Much more to write but let this suffice for now. We hope those Singaporeans who attended the Tabligh gathering in KL will come forward and be tested or be traced to ensure the virus will be contained and not spread further.

Most important is for Muslims to be responsible citizens especially in this trying period. United in facing this calamity.

As the PM said: We are Sg United!
May Allah swt keep our nation safe.
With duas.

Attention Community members

In view of the current COVID-19 situation in Singapore and to help the community in remaining safe, it has been decided to put on hold all our educational and cultural activities to be carried out in AECC until further notice.

The decision to temporarily cease all activities is difficult and painful, but if that is what it takes to safeguard the people, we have to take that step. As we know the virus knows no race, religion or belief.

The virus recently has caused two deaths in a country in Middle East and has resulted in one death and over 200 persons infected in a church gathering in South Korea. This shows that the virus is highly infectious and transmits from person to person.

Praise be to Allah, the Singapore government’s efforts to curbing the spread of this infectious virus are showing positive results. The number of new infections has dropped and the number of those discharged from the quarantine/hospital is high.

We are keeping an eye on the situation and expect the alert to be downgraded soon. We will start operating as usual as soon as the situation improves. Meanwhile please take care of yourself, your loved ones and other fellow citizens and observe the precautions widely advertised by the government for protecting yourselves and preventing the spread of virus.
May Allah keep the entire Singapore nation safe from all calamities. Amen

Dr Raza Zaidi
Honorary Secretary
Jaafari Muslim Association of Singapore (JMAS)