Daily Quran Verse : In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

“90:6] He may say (boastfully); Wealth have I squandered in abundance!”

Daily Hadith

“The Prophet (s) said, “The position of Ali (a) amongst the people is like Surat Qul Hu Allahu Ahad in the Qur’an.” Muslim, 1/48; Al-Tirmidhi, 2/299; Al-Nisa’i, 27; Musnad Ahmad, 6/299; Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 191.”

Sayings of Imam Ali(A.S)

“During civil disturbance adopt such an attitude that people do not attach any importance to you – they neither burden you with complicated affairs, nor try to derive any advantage out of you.”

Daily Duas

“Dua-e-Ghareek (Supplication of the drowning man).
Shayikh Sadooq narrates from Abdullah bin Sinan who says that Imam Sadiq (a.s.) said,\"After this a time of such doubt will befall you that you will be without the visible signs and a guiding Imam. And no one shall be able to achieve salvation from this except those who recite \"Dua-e-Ghareeq.\"
O Allah! O All-beneficent! O All-merciful!
O Turner of hearts!
(Please) make my heart firm on Your religion.”

Quotes On Imam Hussain(A.S)

“Sir William Muir: (Scottish orientalist): “The tragedy of Karbala decided not only the fate of the Caliphate, but also of Mohammadan kingdoms long after the Caliphate had waned and disappeared.” (Annals of the Early Caliphate, London, 1883, p.441-442)”