Daily Quran Verse : In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful

“75:36] Does man think that he will be left uncontrolled, (without purpose)?”

Daily Hadith

“Advice of Prophet (s) - (from Tuhaf al-Uqool, p. 6-9.):
O Ali, there are four things that go in vain; the eating after being satiate, a lamp in the light of the moon, the planting in a moor, and the doing of a favor to one who is not fit for it.
O Ali, there are four things that are the promptest in being punished for; a man that you do him good and he rewards your good doing by doing you bad, a man that you do not wrong but he wrongs you, a man that you agree with him on something and you are loyal to him but he betrays you, and a man that you maintain kinship with but he turns his back to you.
O Ali, there are four things that whoever has had, his faith in Islam shall be perfect; truthfulness, gratefulness, modesty, and good manners.”

Sayings of Imam Ali(A.S)

“That knowledge which remains only on your tongue is very superficial. The intrinsic value of knowledge is that you act upon it.”

Daily Duas

“Allahumma Arzuqna Taufiqa -as taught by Imam Mahdi (atfs):
O Allah!
· Grant us the good fortune of being obedient [to You], and keep us away from disobedience.
· Let us be sincere in our intentions;
· Provide us with the knowledge of what is sacred.
O Allah!
· Honor us with guidance and honesty­, and direct our tongues to what is right and wise;
· fill our hearts with learning and knowledge, and cleanse our stomachs from what is forbidden and of doubt.
O Allah!
· Prevent our hands from committing oppression and theft, lower our gaze [out of modesty] from immorality and disloyalty, and
block our ears from hearing foolish talk and slander.
O Allah!
· Oblige our learned scholars with piety and sincere advice, and those who are learning with restrain and desire to learn.
· Bless those who are with desire to follow the religious teachings,
· impart recovery and comfort to the Muslims suffering from illness and bless those dead among them with kindness and mercy.
O Allah!
· Award dignity and peace of mind to old people,
· Confer repentance and turning away from sin to our young people,
· Bestow modesty and chastity to our women.
O Allah!
· Supply the rich with humility and abundance; and the poor with patience and contentment.
O Allah!
· Let those fighting in Your way be victorious, and the imprisoned be freed.
O Allah!
· Let the rulers be just and kind and the ruled receive just treatment and good character;
· Bless those who are on pilgrimage with adequate support, and helping them complete what is obligatory on them
With Your Grace and Kindness , O Most Kind!”

Quotes On Imam Hussain(A.S)

“Thomas Carlyle: (Scottish historian and essayist): “The best lesson which we get from the tragedy of Cerebella is that Husain and his companions were rigid believers in God. They illustrated that the numerical superiority does not count when it comes to the truth and the falsehood. The victory of Husain, despite his minority, marvels me!””