16th Dhu al-Hijjah, 1440

Sunday, 18th August, 2019
Fajr6:02 AM
Sunrise7:04 AM
Zuhr1:09 PM
Asr4:27 PM
Magrib7:26 PM
Isha8:08 PM

Imsak:  These prayer times are according to the Jaafari school derived from Leva Ithna Ashari recorded in the website: http://www.qul.org.au/  To arrive at Imsak, you may, instead of the usual method of deducting 10 minutes from the fajr time shown above, deduct 27 minutes if  you want to use the  imsak times per MUIS.

Month of Zilhajj: Important dates

1st – Marriage of Imam Ali(as) and Hazrat Fatima Zahra(sa)
7th – Martyrdom of Imam Mohammad Baqir(as) – 114 AH
9th – Day of Arafa
9th – Martyrdom of Hazrat Muslim ibn-e-Aqeel(as)
10th – Hajj-e-Baitullah and Eid-ul-Azha
15th – Birth anniversary of Imam Ali Naqi(as) – 212 AH
18th – Eid al-Ghadeer – 10 AH
19th or 23rd – Martyrdom of Hazrat Meesum-e-Tammar(ra)
24th – Eid al-Mubahila – 10 AH
24th – Supplication day and giving of zakat during Rukoo by Imam Ali(as)
25th – Acceptance of formal Khilafat by Imam Ali(as)

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From the 1st of Zilqada to 10th of Zilhajj are the days of Arbaeen-e-Kalimiyyah. These are the forty days when Nabi Musa (as) went on Mount Tur for Munajat from Allah (swt). Initially it was to be for 30 days, another 10 days were added to make it 40 days as mentioned in Sura A’araaf – Aayat 143. During these days recitation of ‘LAA ILAAHA ILLALLAAH ‘ is recommended (mustahab) and very much stressed. (Source: Tazkiye Nafs by Ayatullah Misbah Yazdi)

Fasting for 3 Consecutive days Thursday Friday & Saturday has immense rewards in months of Zilqad, Zilhajj, Moharram & Rajab


The Holy Prophet  Muhammad (saw)

Accepted as the Best Leader of  all Times considering smallness of means ( Born / Preached in Mecca among ignorant poor tribes),  Greatness of Purpose (Salvation of Entire Humanity ! ) and  Results Achieved  (Within 1400 years, there would be > 2 billion Muslims !)

Detailed Biography : Hayat Al-Qulub, What Non-Muslims Say : www.al-islam.org

Prophet’s sayings about Imam Ali (a):

“Ali (a) is with the Qur’an, and the Qur’an is with Ali.” Al-Bukhari, 5/19; Muslim, 2/360; Al-Tirmidhi, 5/304; Mustadrak Al-Sahihain of Al-Hakim Al-Nisabori, 3/109; Ibn Majah, 1/28; Musnad Ahmad, 3/328.

“Love for Ali (a) is faith, and hatred for Ali is hypocrisy.” Ibn Al-Maghazeli, 67; Al-Khawarizmi, 236; Fara’id Al-Samateen; Yanabi^ Al-Mawda.

” O `Ali, you are my brother in this world as well as in the Hereafter. I am the city of knowledge and ‘Ali is the gate. Nobody knows ‘Ali except Allah and I. Nobody know me except Allah and `Ali. If you want to see the knowledge of Adam, the piety of Noah, the devotion of Abraham, the awe of Moses, and the service and abstinence of Christ, look at the bright face of `Ali ….. more

Examples of  the treasures of knowledge from Imam Ali a.s.:

Good Governance (cited recently by the U.N.):  An order to Malik 

A Worldview for a Successful Life: Imam’s Advice 

Eloquence and Wisdom of Ameer ul Momineen: Nahjul Balagaha 

……. more

 Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)

Imam Muhammad al-Baqir (as)  was martyred at the age of 58  in the year 114 A.H. We take great pride in the religious and academic contributions of our Imams, in particular Imam al-Baqir, who laid the foundation for Shia jurisprudence in the holy city of Medina and served as teacher and mentor to many scholars and thinkers of other schools of Islamic thought. Let us take a moment to ponder on our identity as Shia Muslims, and how the Imam himself describes his true Shias and followers:

“Our Shias fear Allah and obey Him. They are humble and pious. They pay the trust. They praise Allah very much. They perform the prayers and the fasting. They obey the parents. They take care of the poor neighbors, the needy, the debtors, and the orphans. They are truthful in talking. They recite the Qur’an. They hold back their tongues from (speaking against) people except good. Thus, they are the custodians of their tribes over all things.” (Tuhaf al-Uqool)

“Your strong one should help your weak one. Your rich one should be kind to your poor one. The man should be loyal to his brother as he is loyal to himself. Keep our secrets. Do not force the people to follow us. Consider carefully our affair and what has been mentioned on our authority. If you find it in agreement with the Qur’an, then put it into effect. If you find it contrary to the Qur’an, then leave it. If you doubt the affair, then stop and ask us to explain it to you.” (Diya al-Amilin)

“The Shias of Ali, peace be on him, sacrifice their lives for our authority. They love each other, for they love us. They visit each other to enliven our affair. When they become angry, they do not do wrong. When they are pleased, they do not go too far (in pleasure). They are a blessing for him who is their neighbor them. And they are peace for him who associates with them.” (Tuhaf al-Uqool)

“Recite my greetings to my Shias. Order them to fear Allah, the Great. Their rich one should visit their poor one. Their sound one should visit their ill one. Their living one should attend the funeral of their dead one. They should meet each other in their houses. Indeed their meeting each other enlivens our affair. May Allah have mercy on the one who enlivens our affair and puts into effect the best of it. Say to them: We will suffice nothing for them with Allah except through the good deed. They will not obtain our intercession but through piety and hard work. Indeed the most intense of all people in regret on the Day of Judgment is the one who describes a certain deed, and then he does other than it.” (Uyun al-Akhbar wa Funun al-Atha)

“Does it suffice for one who claims to be our follower to just express his friendship with the members of the Holy Household? I swear by God that no one is our true follower unless he fears God and obeys Him. Our followers are known for their humbleness and frequent remembrance of God; fasting; praying; helping the orphans, the needy, the ones in debt, and needy neighbors; reading the Quran; and talking properly with the people. They have always been trustworthy in their tribes. O’ Jabir! Do not let the various sects affect you. Do you think that it suffices for one to say that he likes Imam Ali and he is his follower, but does not do anything to support his claim? Or he says that he likes the Prophet, who is even better than Imam Ali, but does not take his example and follow his deeds and act according to the Prophet’s tradition? Just having love for the Prophet is of no use for him. Therefore, fear God, and act in such a way as to attain what is near God, since there is no relation of kin between God and anyone. The one most loved by God is the one who is the most pious, and the noblest one is the one who fears God and obeys Him. I swear by God that it is not possible to get close to God unless by His obedience, and we do not hold the key to relief from the Fire of Hell, and no one has any authority over God. Whoever is obedient to God is our friend, and whoever disobeys God is our enemy. No one can attain our friendship unless by having nobility and piety.” (Tuhaf al-Uqool)

“[Our Shias] are like strong fortress, their chests are trustworthy, they are men of prudence and self-control, they are not extravagant, they are neither oppressors nor ostentatious, they are devoted worshipers at night and brave like lions during the day.” (Mishkat al-Anwar)

“The servant who loves us, Allah will raise him from the dead with us. Religion is nothing except love (for us). Surely, Allah, the Blessed and Exalted, said in His Book: ‘Say: If you love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive you your sins.’” (Uyun al-Akhbar wa Funun al-Atha)

“No one is our Shia except by the fear of God and His obedience, and they are not recognized except by their humbleness, reverence, trustworthiness, and abundance of remembrance of God.” (Tuhaf al-Uqool)

What is this life all about? Imam Husain (as) explains during Hajj at Arafat

Imam Hussain (as) has taught us in the most emphatic manner what this life is all about. He spoke some remarkable words during Haj at Arafat in his famous Dua Arafah. He not only spoke, he also walked the talk. He translated those words of Arafah into action on the day of Ashura on the burning sands of Karbala. He did it his way. In a way that no one else has ever done. In a way that his teachings continue to enlighten us 1400 years later and will always continue to do so … the tradegy of Karbala and its lessons have become timeless! The Imam (as) said:

“O Allah, what did he find, he who lost You?
And what did he lose, he who found You?
Truly he has failed who is contented with other than You.”

A powerful statement of firm belief in Allah swt and a message that makes it crystal clear what our top priority in life should be. A message that is so relevant to all of us every day in the era of super busy lives. How often do we hear from others as well as find ourselves saying it: Not now, not today, may be tomorrow. I am too busy with this, that and the other. But tomorrow never comes. Days and months and years pass by. The intention to do good deeds, to pray regularly/on time, to study Quran …. they remain on the To Do List until it is too late.

Almost everywhere in the world today, we and our children are brainwashed into looking for happiness through materialistic pursuits.We do not realise that we are looking in the wrong place. True happiness and lasting tranquility comes only from remembrance from Allah swt. What are we doing to look for Allah swt. He is nearer than our jugular vein. Let us find Him. Let us ponder over the message of Imam Hussain (as) and internalize it into the core of our being, make it an integral part of our worldview and help our innocent children grow in an environment where this worldview is seen in action every day.

Competition out there from satanic lures and perverted worldviews is intense. Our homes must be fortified with practices and every possible aid that can help inculcate the correct worldview and priorities for our children from a very early age. If we leave it too late, it may be very difficult to reverse course and win the battle.

(from: https://www.eahlulbayt.com/blogs/newsroom/what-is-this-life-all-about-imam-husain-as-explains-during-hajj-at-arafat-2min-read)

Imam Jaafar Sadiq’s (a.s.) priceless legacy of scientific and spiritual knowledge.

Mind boggles as to why the books listed on islamic websites (at least the ones in English) have so little to offer on the amazing scientific gems from the Imam. These need wide publicity not so much for trumpeting our past but in order to excite our youth into becoming top scientists and thinkers. Our love and respect for the Prophet and the Imams, peace be on them, should surely put us at an advantage when tapping into the treasures of their knowledge.

Some of Imam Sadiq’s theories have been proven to be true more than a thousand years later, confirmed by science in the last few hundred years once science developed the needed tools like the telescope. Is it not possible that there are many others waiting to be confirmed as science develops further capabilities. We urge all to read the excerpts from a French thesis and from the Tradition of Mufaddal (see links below) and to contribute other materials they may be aware of.

Pearls of Wisdom from Imam Ja’far al-Sadiq (`a), narrated by his companion Mufaddal ibn `Umar .As recorded by ‘Allamah Majlisi (d. 1110 AH) in Bihar al-‘Anwar, volume 3, page 57, chapter (bab) 4, tradition (riwayah) no. 29. Pl click :Tradition of Mufaddal

Excerpts from the book “The Great Muslim Scientist and Philosopher”, an English translation by Kaukab Ali Mirza of the famous Persian book “Maghze Mutafakkir Jehan Shia”, which is a translation from a French thesis published by The Research Committee of Strasbourg, France, about the contribution made by Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq (A.S.) to science, philosophy, literature and irfan (gnosticism). For more please click here

The world-wide open university of Imam Hussain (as)

Every year millions attend islamic lectures during the months of Muharram and Safar. Young and old, poor and rich, regardless of colour, race or gender, come in large numbers to attend the open, free of cost, classes at Husainiyas all over the world. They acquire knowledge that makes life meaningful. Quran, the last book of divine revelation, comes alive as they learn its true meaning from the school of the Prophet and his pure household. Lessons about how to worship Allah swt and surrender to His Will are taught on the basis of real life examples of the best role models the world has seen.

These jewels are freely available on the internet. People of all religious faiths as well as atheists can now partake of this treasure from their computers and smartphones. A small selection of quality resources can be found in this website. For additional resources including free ebooks and multimedia, please refer to:  www.al-islam.org 

English lectures by Br Khalil Jaffer. Insightful and absorbing intellectually, they also present key concepts and practical tools for the journey away from ego and evil towards Allah and enligtenment.  Some must watch series: Freeing the Butterfly Within, The End of Negative Suffering, Obstacles to Knowing God, In Search of  a Weeping Hear. The Coming of the Mahdi (a.j), The Art of Yearning for God:  Click here to watch on Youtube

Urdu lectures that exude powerful intellect and logic as well as beautiful words and wit:

Dr Kalb e Sadiq        Ayatullah Aqeel ul Gharavi       Maulana Mirza Mohammed Athar

JMAS News in brief

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An Excellent Straits Times article on perils of anti-shiite hate speech published on August 26, 2017:

We applaud this important and timely advice by Professor Syed Farid Alatas. Read here: (full article) 

Extracts: While not all hate speech is uttered by individuals who wish for physical violence to be perpetrated on the objects of their hate speech, we must ask ourselves if anti-Shi’ite hate speech may be one among many factors that encourage would-be terrorists to join the so-called Islamic Statein Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or other groups in Iraq and Syria to fight against Shi’ites.

If this is possible, it means that our society has to take a very active role in minimising anti-Shi’ite hate speech not only for the sake of national security, but also to protect the dignity of Singaporean Shi’ites.

Traditionally, the Sunni majority of the Malay world of South-east Asia was not anti-Shi’ite. In Singapore, for example, the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (Muis) was established with the cooperation of Sunnis and Shi’ites. As was pointed out by Imam Habib Hassan Al-Attas, head of the Ba’alawi Mosque, the legal adviser during the formation of Muis in 1970 was the prominent lawyer, Mr Mohamed Javad Namazie, a Singaporean of Persian origin and a Shi’ite.

Many other prominent Singaporean Shi’ite personalities have contributed much to the overall development of the Singapore Muslim community. This includes the Jumabhoy family, whose contributions to commerce and industry in Singapore are well known. The official position of Muis, the Muslim religious authority, is that Shi’ites are a part of the Muslim community. Muis recognises Shi’ism as a creed and jurisprudential school of thought within Islam.

Our Intra-faith Iftar reciprocated at Masjid Baalwie 

Extract from a post on June 23 by a sunni brother on his fb page: “It’s so refreshing to see my newsfeed today filled with stories from yesterday’s Iftar at Ba’alwie mosque where youths from both the Sunni and Shia schools of thought, came together to share a meal under the auspices of the Honourable Habib Hassan Al-Attas. This meaningful event was organised by The MusLIM COLLECTIVE (TMC) as part of their shared and common purpose to unite the Muslim community here in Singapore.

Whilst there are bound to be naysayers given the comments towards the news article, I’m confident however that this initiative by TMC is a good and noble start. More support however needs to be accorded to such groups that promotes not only inter-faith dialogue but also intra-faith harmony as well. Given the recent detention of several individuals for their leaning towards extremism and acts of terrors that dominated the headlines for the past few weeks, it’s really heartening to see on the other hand, these youths, rallying together to promote religious and sectarian harmony here in Singapore.”

The blissful month of Ramadan bids us farewell leaving behind sweet memories of many activities at our new Ahlulbayt Centre

Spiritual fervour permeated the Centre night after night with duas and lecture programs, an overnight youth spiritual night, qadr night aamals and majalis, ladies chand raat and more. And it culminated in a full house for eidul fitr prayers. Alhamdulillah.

Dr. Akber Mithani returns home after six days of enlightening lectures:

Our heartfelt thanks to our distinguished guest speaker from Canada for his very insightful and inspiring lectures at AECC last week. Community members have been full of praise for the clarity and depth of his majalis . He has left behind many friends here who look forward to meeting him again soon. May Allah swt bless Akber bhai for his services to  Islam.

 Intra-faith Iftar – A Pioneering Event of Great Significance at our New Centre

On June 5, 2017 an Intra faith Iftar was organized jointly by JMAS and HBI at their newly acquired Ahlul Bayt Education and Cultural Centre. Participants included 53 Sunni and 59 Shia muslims.  All places had been taken up well ahead of the closing date for registration for this pioneering event . For most Sunni brothers and sisters it was the first time ever to perform congregational prayers lead by a Shia. It was wonderful to see both communities mingle in a spirit of unity and friendship. Notable speakers from both sides as well as many comments from attendees reflected the same positive message: we need to learn  each other’s beliefs, continue similar interactions throughout the year to build mutual trust and love based on our many commonalities and let Singapore be at the forefront in showcasing exemplary initiatives for peace, unity and co-operation. JMAS members can log in to read more at JMAS News

Towards a Meaningful Life

THE real missing one

“ It is He Who sent down tranquility into the hearts of the Believers, that they may add faith to their faith;- for to Allah belong the Forces of the heavens and the earth; and Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom” (Quran  48:4)”.

All of us have a missing one that we are searching for. Since we do not analyse in depth as to who it is that we miss, we look without success for it in everything and in every place. Man’s preoccupation with the mundane and pursuit of the material needs and desires hinders him from searching in the right places. (read more at www.eahlulbayt.com)

biggest folly

Verily God loves the repentant (Quran 2:222):

Humans disagree about every subject on earth. But no one disputes two crucial realities of life: Firstly, that all of us will die one day. Secondly, that none of us knows when they will die. Knowing this, how can we remain unprepared for death? How can we justify postponing repentance for even a second? (read more at: The Biggest and Most Dangerous Folly

5 pearls

Our troubled world presents a pitiful picture ….

In the midst of this madness, however, one also finds an ocean full of the most beautiful pearls.

(read more at: www.eahlulbayt.com).

succes factors

Towards a Meaningful Life

Let us build successful lives on the solid foundation of a worldview taught by the Quran , Prophet (saw) and Ahlulbayt (as).

(read more at: Key Factors For Success in Life’s Journey )

The Holy Quran

Through the Prophet, Allah swt revealed the Book that teaches us Wisdom and Enlightens us.

Read: The Glorious Quran

Quran and Prophet (s) introduce us to  Ahlulbayt (a):

Quran [4:80] He who obeys the Messenger, obeys Allah

Quran [42:23] ” That is of which Allah gives the good news to His servants, (to) those who believe and do good deeds. Say: I do not ask of you any reward for it but love for my near relatives; and whoever earns good, We give him more of good therein; surely Allah is Forgiving, Grateful.”

These verses command the Muslims to obey the Beloved Messenger and to love the Ahlul Bayt if they want to repay the Holy Prophet for his toils of prophethood so that they should follow the Ahl ul Bayt in word and deed, because they have been thoroughly purified by Allah Himself, because they are the truthful, because they are the custodians of the word of Allah, because they know the true interpretation of the guidance sent for all mankind.

Event of the Cloak: When the purification verse (Surah al-Ahzaab, 33:33) was revealed, the Holy Prophet (S) was in the house of Umme-Salema. At the revelation of: “Verily  willeth God to keep away impurity from you O People of the House! and He purifieth you with the perfect purification,” the Holy Prophet (S) assembled his daughter Fatima (a), her two sons Hasan (a) and Hussein (a) and her husband, his cousin Ali (a) and covered the group including himself with his own mantle and addressing God said: “O God! These constitute my progeny! Keep them away from every kind of impurity, purified with perfect purification.”

The Prophet (s) saying “The verse of purification was revealed concerning five people: myself, Ali, Hassan, Hussein, and Fatima.” is reported in Is^af Al-Raghibeen, p. 116; Sahih Muslim, Kitab Fadha’il Al-Sahaba….  read more

Event of the Mubahila: Says Quran [3:61] “And if anyone should argue with thee about this (truth) after all the knowledge that has come unto thee, say: “Come ! Let us summon our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves; and then let us pray (together) humbly and ardently, and let us invoke God’s curse upon those (of us) who are telling a lie.”

This verse is a reference to the historic Mubahila or the Spiritual debate with the Christians of Najran. At the appointed hour the Holy Prophet (S) entered the field with Hussein (a) in his lap, Hasan (a) holding his finger and walking beside him, Lady Fatima (a) following him and Ali (a) behind her.. The Holy Prophet (S) then raised his hands towards heaven and said “Allahumma haa’oolaae Ahlu-Bayti” i.e. Lord these are the people of my house. At the appearance of these godly souls with the hallow of the divine light radiating from their holy faces, the chief monk who had brought the selected group of Christians, began to gaze at their faces and exclaimed “By God! I see the faces which, if they pray to God for mountains to move from their places, the mountains will immediately move.”

The events of the Cloak and Mubahila prove beyond all doubt as to who are the members of the family of the Holy Prophet (S), i.e., the holy Prophet’s Ahlul Bayt (a)…. more

Ashura: A Timeless Event and a Teacher Par Excellence

After 1400 years, the mourning continues unabated: As soon as the moon of the month of Muharram is sighted, a deep transformation comes about in shias. The trigger is the remembrance of severe atrocities against Imam Husain (a.s.) , the grandson of the Prophet (swt), and his family and companions for their refusal to allow the hijacking and distortion of Islam by the corrupt rulers….. more

“Why?” You may ask. “How is this even possible?”: Considering how we tend to forget over time all sorts of tragedies, including loss of our own loved ones, one can understand the bewilderment of the world at our intense mourning over an event that took place more than 1400 years ago in Karbala. How is it, they ask, that the lapse of these centuries has done nothing to diminish even slightly the sense of deep sorrow that we feel during this month and the firm determination it revives in us to fight against oppression in general and corruption of islam in particular….. more

And fuelled by this mourning year after year, the learning too continues unabated in the world-wide open university of Imam Hussain (as). Every year millions attend islamic lectures during the months of Muharram and Safar. Young and old, poor and rich, regardless of colour, race or gender, come in large numbers to attend the open, free of cost, classes at Husainiyas all over the world. They acquire knowledge that makes life meaningful. Quran, the last book of divine revelation, comes alive as they learn its true meaning from the school of the Prophet and his pure household. Lessons about how to worship Allah swt and surrender to His Will are taught on the basis of real life examples of the best role models the world has seen…. more